Day 141 – The Sophia- Marie Green Chrysoprase Earrings

Ugh, it’s the usual Saturday night crunch for me.  So quickly, here are the glowing green chrysoprase and turquoise earrings I made today.

Happy Saturday everybody!

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Day 140 – The Terry Tourmaline Mismatched Earrings

My install got postponed!  I had everything ready to go, (plus I  was up most of the night preparing), and just before I was about to leave, the owner of the shop had something come up, so now we’re on for Tuesday instead.

It’s actually a blessing… it’s a long weekend and beautiful and warm in Toronto now, so I get to start that off earlier than expected.  Plus I can add a few more pieces to the collection, including this stunning pair of mismatched tourmaline earrings.

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Day 139 – The Lila Multi Gemstone Earrings

To me they look like drops of candy, but in actuality they are pretty little gemstones, pink topaz, amethyst, and white sapphires.

Part of my new collection that I’m installing tomorrow at Lilianne’s in Yorkville.  

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Day 138 – The Ruth Coin Pearl Mismatched Earrings

Still working away on my new collection that has to be delivered this Friday so here’s another piece of that puzzle.  Luscious and smooth freshwater coin pearls in shades of grey green and creamy white, hung on rose gold ear wires.

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Day 136 – The Nanine Pink Tourmaline Earrings

I know, I know, enough tourmaline already…. but they are just so beautiful that I can’t stop using them.  πŸ™‚  In a few days I will run out so the end is in sight.

Part of my new Atelier Collection to be revealed this Friday at Lilianne’s Fine Jewelry in Yorkville.

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Day 130 – The Lilianne Shaded Tourmaline Mismatched Earrings

Started work today on my new Atelier Collection which will soon be for sale at Lilianne’s Fine Jewelry in Yorkville, Toronto.  (And I must say I am so excited to have this opportunity).

I used some of the stunning shaded tourmaline I bought yesterday, (see picture of some of my gemstone haul below), and these will be just one of many pairs of mismatched earrings I’ll be making for my new line, so stay tuned.

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