The goodies I got in Tucson…

So I have finally started to unpack some of my goodies from the Tucson Gem Show 2013, and I am happily busy deciding what I am going to do with everything.  I also have some Sterling PMC (Precious Metal Clay) orders this week, and I am going to blog about the process I use over the next few days.

But for now here are the goodies:

First off are the Pyrite “Sunburst” Pendants I picked up.  I am thinking of adding a heavy silver chain, or maybe even a dark brown leather cord.  And they will be long I think, maybe 24″ – 26″.  These sparkle with gold in the sun.

Pyrite Sunburst - Liat Jewelry

Next I bought some beautiful spirit quartz pendants that have both blue and brown in the stone.  Again I think I will go with a long brown leather cord.
Spirit Quartz - Liat Jewelry
New for me this show were “large hole” pearls.  These happen to be South Sea Pearls, (oh my), and they fit perfectly over leather cord.  You can probably tell that leather cord was big for me this year too.  I already know what they are going to become, and I will post the result in the next few weeks.
South Sea Pearls Liat Jewelry
Another favourite, but not new for me… amethyst slices.  I will have them drilled front to back, and add a cluster of gemstones at the top, they will also be long, but I think on a heavy gold vermeil chain.
amethyst slices liat jewelry
Finally here are my favs from the show.  BLACK DIAMONDS!  I have never bought diamonds before and it was so cool.  These are going to be added to my precious metal clay pieces.  These, (along with the sapphires and rubies I bought), are safe to fire, albeit carefully, in my kiln.  I will now be able to offer my clients the addition of precious stones into their custom silver and gold charms.
IMG_1518Black Diamonds Liat Jewelry
Please visit my website to see my current work.
Nightie-night for now,
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A Taste of the Tucson Gem Show….

Although I’ve been to the Tucson Gem Show several times now, the sheer number of vendors, findings and gemstones that are available still amazes me.  For those of you that have not had the occasion to visit, the Gem Show is actually a collection of individual shows that take over the entire city, in every convention center, hotel lobby, nook and cranny that Tucson has to offer.

Over the last 2 days I have visited the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show, the Westward Look Mineral Show,

the Tucson Bead Show, the JOGS Show, and the G&LW Show.

The standouts for me have been the Pueblo, JOGS and the G&LW shows.  At the Pueblo I saw the amazing work of PMC artist Christi Anderson, a Saul Bell Award winner, her work is so inspiring; at the Jogs show, I bought from a favorite vendor of mine StarBorn Creations and walked away with some amazing Pyrite Starburst pendants; and at the G&LW I witnessed miles and miles of sparkly stones and findings, with “large hole” pearls a new favorite.

Here is an idea of what it looks like when you’re at one of the bigger shows, (this pic is from G&LW):

Gems and stones as far as the eye can see...from Liat Fine Jewelry

Gems and stones as far as the eye can see…
from Liat Fine Jewelry

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Greetings from outer space, on my way to the Tucson Gem Show!

Leaving on a jet plane…

to the Tucson Gem Show.

I believe I have found the perfect way to start my new blog, my adventure to the Tucson Gem Show.  I am currently in outer space at the moment, (well 30,000 feet above sea level), and will land in Phoenix in another 2 hours.  Then it’s just a hop, skip and a jump, (plus a rental car), to Tucson and let the good times roll.

This is my fifth visit to the show, and let me assure you that it is definitely a good time to anyone out there who loves shiny, sparkly, fantabulous gemstones!

Over the next 4 days, I will share my musings on the rarefied sites I am about to have the pleasure of seeing.

I hope you will enjoy, and maybe you will be inspired to venture to Tucson yourself next year.


Here is a pic of something I created from the goodies found at last years show.  (Mostly Moss Aquamarine)

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Made with gems from the Tucson Gem Show 2012

Made with gems from the Tucson Gem Show 2012








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