DAY 60 – The Saoirse Mismatched Gemstone Earrings


The Saoirse MisMatched Gemstone Earrings

I’ve been fooling around for a while now with the idea of (affordable!!!) mismatched gemstone earrings.  Of course, Margery Hirschey does it best, but it was interesting to see Hollywood acknowledge what I think is going to be a big trend with Saoirse Ronan wearing 2 different colours of Chopard earrings.  This is going to be HUUUUGGE.  (Love this statement, but hate the one who’s famous for saying it!).

I am feeling that I can contribute my own voice to this conversation.  I have some amazing drilled gemstone combinations that can be used with sterling silver or gold vermeil which will look amazing for a fraction of what those Chopard pretties would cost you.  Stay tuned! #mismatchedearrings

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Day 59 – The Saphia White Sapphire Earrings


The Saphia White Sapphire Gemstone Earrings

These earrings are actually quite stunning, but again I’m struggling to capture that beauty on film. (And by film I mean on the lens of my Iphone).  So you’ll have to trust me I guess.  Featuring some gorgeous rough cut white sapphires that I bought yesterday, (see pic below with moss aquamarines & blue opals), along with flashy blue labradorite connectors, white tourmaline “chiclets”, and moss aquamarines.  If you are in T.O these will be for sale at Kozeta’s on Eglinton… so stop by to see how pretty they are for yourself. 😉

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Day 58 – The Ophelia Aquamarine Earrings


The Ophelia Moss Aquamarine Earrings

First, allow me to apologize for this rather dark photo.  I got started late today, and I was really losing the light just now when I went to take this picture.  It’s one of my biggest struggles, trying to get consistent photographs.  For my blog it doesn’t matter too much, but I really notice it on my Instagram feed.  I generally use the same background, and I like when it looks creamy and dreamy, but each photo comes out a different shade of cream and it’s driving me mishiguene.  😉  I’m going to be taking a Photography for Instagram webinar next month, so I’ll let you know if I glean any tips.

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Day 57 – The Lilou Green Fluorite Necklace


The Lilou Green Fluorite Earrings

A lovely, glowing, and gorgeous green fluorite gemstone necklace.  Think of it as the little cousin to the piece I made yesterday.  And then forgive me as I have a party to get to!

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Day 56 – The Louna Lavender-Blue Chalcedony Necklace


The Louna Lavender-Blue Chalcedony Necklace

LOOK    AT   THESE   STONES   !!!   They are simply too pretty for words… but I’ll still write something anyway.  🙂  They are from a very unusual strand of shaded blue chalcedony I bought, that goes from a soft periwinkle to a delicate greyish-blue lavender.  When I put them all together in this necklace, the effect was utterly ethereal.

I’d actually love to keep this for myself, as I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to capture this exact look again, but I’ve decided to let it go.  It will be for sale online and at Kozeta’s on Eglinton in Toronto.  It won’t last long though.  😉

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Day 55 – The Helaine Green Onyx Earrings


The Helaine Green Onyx Earrings

Today I’ve made a pair of custom earrings for a client.  She saw them at a shop I sell at, (Kozeta’s on Eglinton in T.O. see picture below), and she loved them, exceptshe doesn’t like gold, so could I make them in silver?  Fortunately for her, and for me too, I could.  I had the stones in stock, and similar findings in sterling, and et voila, here they are.

A few thoughts on custom orders.  I both love and hate them.  I often enjoy the collaboration process, but I also don’t always relish making the same thing twice. I know some jewelry designers won’t touch “custom” work, but most of the time it still works for me.  And these particular earrings are so pretty in sterling, and the client was so lovely that it was a pleasure.

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The Carmen Green Onyx Gemstone Earrings

Day 54 – The Samara Starfish Earrings


The Samara Starfish Earrings

Just got these new “Starfish” earring findings, and although they are bigger than I expected, (the joys of ordering online), they are still very striking and pretty.  I’ve paired them with 2 colours of freshwater pearls and some lovely lavender-blue chalcedony that resembles the sea itself.  I’m quite pleased with the overall effect.

I also just finished participating in @Patterns&Pops Instagram Branding class, and it was great.  As a newbie to Instagram, as well as a business-person over 40, I can’t stress enough how important it is to educate oneself on how to take advantage of social media as a business tool.  I’m now going to be a busy bee updating my brand so it’s more consistent across all of my platforms… website, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  Thanks P&P!

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