Day 31 – The Gia Green Amethyst Earrings


The Gia Green Amethyst Earrings

So what do you know?  I made a gorgeous pair of green amethyst earrings today, (a.k.a. prasiolite), and therefore I’ve finished the first month of my Bijou du Jour challenge.  Because they are amethysts, I feel these technically work as a February Birthstone gift, and I’m sure they would be a welcome change for someone who doesn’t like purple.

I know it’s only a “minor” milestone to complete the first month of twelve, but I’m still heartened by this small success, bring on month two. 🙂

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Day 30 – The Isla Baroque Pearl Necklace


The Isla Baroque Pearl Necklace

I’m so in love with this gemstone combination, it resonates with me on so many levels.  I love the soft pastel hues, I love the organic imperfections, I love the mix of shapes and sizes and I love, love, love this gi-normous baroque flameball pearl.  I actually love this necklace so much that I may not be able to let it go.

Looking forward to tomorrow and the completion of the first month of my Bijoux du Jour challenge.  Only 11 months left and it now seems almost possible that I may just pull this off.

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Day 29 – The Carrol Sea-foam Green Gemstone Earrings


The Carrol Gemstone Earrings

So I made these rather beautiful sea-foam green melange of gemstone earrings much earlier today and photographed them, but then I made a bad blogging decision.  We had plans for dinner with our dear friends Carrol and Doug at 7:30 in the beaches tonight, and I just figured we would be home by 10 – 10:30 and I would write and post my blog then.

So here it is at 11:57 and we just got home and I’m frantically trying to complete this post before my stage-coach turns into a pumpkin.

So without further ado and maybe a minute or two late, may I present the Carrol gemstone earrings, a mix of tourmaline, apatite, amazonite, emerald and aquamarine.

P.S. To buy any of my work please send a message to: and to prove that these were actually made on January 29th, please follow me on Instagram: @liatjewelry where you will see I posted a pic of these much earlier on January 29th 🙂

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Day 28 – The Haylee Rosy Pink Gemstone Earrings


The Haylee Rosy Pink Gemstone Earrings

Inspired to create today by a post I read on Haylee Reynolds Blog, Style on Campus entitled Pink Overload, so I guess I was seeing everything through rose coloured glasses.  I started with paler shades of pink including, Sapphires, Tourmalines, Sunstones and Rose Quartz…but then I couldn’t resist adding a pair of heart-shaped Hot Pink Quartz to complete the look.  Pretty for Valentines Day, n’est pas?  Thanks Haylee!

Shop my work at: and follow me on Instagram: @liatjewelry

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Day 27 – The Inez Rough Cut Gemstone Earrings


The Inez Rough Cut Gemstone Earrings

So I don’t know if other jewelry designers have this issue… but, I am e a s i l y distracted.  I promised myself that I would work on amethyst (February’s Birthstone) jewelry today, BUT, I came across this long-lost tray of rough-cut, organic gemstones, and that was the end of amethyst anything.

Prehnites, Labradorites, Watermelon Tourmalines, Moss Aquamarines, Sunstones, Apatites, Topaz…I assure you, an absolute delight.

I must of then spent about 4 hours pairing gemstones, combining them with one another and then settling on a few winning designs, (see below).  In the end I only finished the above pair… a dreamy melange, the Inez Rough-Cuts.

Not sure if they will be sold in T.O or online, but you can always shop my work at: and follow me on Instagram: @liatjewelry

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Waiting to become…earrings!

Day 26 – The Sarah Amethyst Gemstone Earrings


The Sarah Amethyst Gemstone Earrings

Yikes!  February is right around the corner and I realized that although I have a tonne of amethysts in stock, none of them are as of yet in a “jewelry format”.  So over the next few days I will be on an amethyst binge so I can have several pieces ready to go in the T.O. shops that carry my jewelry.

This pretty pair teams flawless faceted amethyst ovals with even more amethysts and a shot of citrine.  Do you need a gift for a February baby?  If you’re in T.O you can swoop these up at Kozeta’s on Eglinton.

Shop my work at: and follow me on Instagram: @liatjewelry

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Day 25 -The Rebecca Blue Topaz & Pearl Earrings


The Rebecca – Blue Topaz & Pearl Earrings

About once a month, I’m pulled towards every gemstone that a bride would covet, and I can’t help myself but to make a piece of jewelry that could take you down the aisle.

So for January, this is that day.  Of course one could wear these on a Caribbean Resort, or to your next garden soiree, but let’s face it, a bride would wear these best.

A simple design featuring 3 different shades of blue topaz, ending and beginning with creamy white fresh water pearls.  They are soooo pretty.  Makes me want to get married all over again.  (Of course to the same guy) 🙂

Shop my work at: and follow me on Instagram: @liatjewelry

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